Friday, April 26, 2013

Save the Date Video!

It's fiiiiiiinally here! Our Save the Date video! We filmed it back at the end of March not realizing how long it would take to get edited etc. It was part of our videographer package as a freebie. For a freebie -- it turned out great! I admit it is a bit cheesy/corny, but I still think it is cute. :)

Danielle and Val - Save the Date Video! from Danielle Wenzel on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My tumultuous bridesmaid dress journey.... I thought this was supposed to be easy??

The color of my bridesmaid dresses has switched about 5 times. Truth.

When I first thought about my wedding, I wanted the girls to wear an olive green color or some other shade of green. Then after we figured out our venue was going to be outside, I changed my mind and thought I would pick a merlot/plum/wine color. After further thinking I realized I didn't think a dark color was "me." So I thought of colors that I feel represent me and coral/salmon came to mind. I was pretty much set on coral for the longest time over the past couple of months. It wasn't until my bridesmaids started trying on dresses that I realized there are many shades of coral and not all dresses that I like/look flattering on the girls came in the specific shade of coral I was looking for. After lots of Google searches I found out the specific color I wanted was called "tulip." As we looked around David's Bridal, New Things West and BB's Bridal I was disappointed that I couldn't find "tulip" in a non-chiffon sweetheart neckline, tea length dress in matte satin.  Most "tulip" shade dresses were chiffon which didn't fit my vision. In the midst of not finding the right color, I did find the right dresses for the girls. In a moment of exasperation I thought that I would completely change my colors and go with bright turquoise (kind of a cross between Tiffany's blue and robins egg). After pumping myself up and letting my whole office know I had decided on a new color palette, I had the weekend to think it over. By Monday I knew that the turquoise color was not going to work... It didn't fit in my vision and just completely changed my vibe/feel I wanted for my wedding.

As I started describing my wedding to myself there were some important key words that kept popping up... "romantic" and "vintage" and "elegant" were the most common. My whole life I have told everyone that I have never been a "pink" person. I always wanted things in blues and greens and turquoise. I think it was because my mom and grandma both love purple so much and my sisters liked hot pink and such that I HAD to be different. I didn't want to like the same stuff. So I convinced myself I didn't like pink. The reality is that coral is a shade of pink and I love certain types of pink.

It was this revelation along with my description of my wedding that I realized I wanted a shade of pink for the bridesmaid dresses. More specifically I picked a "blush" very light pink. I feel like it fits my vision and overall mood of my wedding and I'm excited to see it with the rest of my decorations and venue. I plan on having accent colors of ivory, slightly darker light pink, champagnes and golds. I am a pearls and lace type of person so I will incorporate a dash of those items in the decor as well.

It was a long journey to finalize the bridesmaid dresses and wedding colors but I couldn't be happier with my decision. The girls ordered their dresses and now it's time for Val and I to start looking at tuxes for the groomsmen.

Everything is coming together!!